Ultrasound Portable Folding Washing Machine

Ultrasound Portable Folding Washing Machine

Ultrasound Portable Folding Washing Machine

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This Ultrasound Portable Folding Washing Machine is a must-have device for everyday life.

No matter where you go you can always carry this washing machine with you in a suitcase, a car, or even can be simply placed in a small spaced cupboard due to the unique foldable design of the washing machine.

The Ultrasound Folding Washing Machine is suitable for washing T-shirts, shirts, dresses, underwear, socks, etc. (But not suitable for jeans, coats, and other heavy clothing.)

Adopts ultrasonic turbine technology to form small bubbles and stains, quickly disperse and emulsify, achieve deep cleaning effect. Folding design, mini size, and space-saving.

✔ Folding design: small and convenient, only 3.6 inches thick, small size, it saves space, is very suitable for travel and trips, let us give you an unplanned.

✔ Simple operation: This folding portable washing machine allows you to simply load the clothes, fill it with water, set a timer, and start washing.

Energy-saving and environmental protection, saving water and electricity, has a powerful suction cup making the machine stable, so there is no need to worry about shaking and water splashing.

✔ Design: It has a fully automatic cleaning function that makes your clothes super clean without residue and irritants.

Suitable for those who can't use large machines, others like washing things alone or saving time to avoid going to the laundry.

✔ Easy to carry: Mini washers are perfect for washing light clothes that require separate cleanings, such as ties, T-shirts, underwear, and baby clothes.

Suitable for dormitories, apartments, business trips, travel, and other occasions.

The folding design allows you to put it in the corner and take it out to serve when you want to use it!

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